Aug 14 2014

Sunday, 8-31-14, 10 AM “The Hidden God”

Each of us are gifted with God-given calls … a singer is given the gift of song, a preacher the gift of story, a doctor the gift of healing … but what happens when life seems to thwart our gifts and life calls? Where is God when life seems to be going anyway but our way? Come reflect on this age-old question as we listen to a message by Rolf Jacobson, as adapted and delivered by Pastor Lisa. We will be reading Psalm 47 and Psalm 137. A time of fellowship follows, giving ample opportunity to discuss this challenging theological experience.

Sunday school is available in the classroom at the back of the sanctuary. Bring your children as early as 9:45.

Come join us for an inspiring worship service, followed by a lively time of fellowship with coffee and food. See you Sunday!

Like most church congregations, we worship, study, pray and care for one another. We reach out to our neighborhood and world to share the love of God and the Good News of Jesus Christ. We laugh and cry together. We sing, and sometimes we dance. Our building is full of stained glass, carved wood, red-aisled carpets and hard wood floors.

We have been in ministry since 1908, and we have members who have been here for more than 50 of those years! Fellowship (coffee, tea, food and friendship) is a very important part of our time together; many of our friends and members linger over a lunch meal for 45 minutes or more. Our congregation includes third generation members, newcomers, centenarians, artists, world travelers and motorcyclists – to categorize just a few of our members (which of course is really utter folly as each one of us is too unique to put in a box!). Needless to say, we are welcoming – really; we even hosted a bar mitzvah once.

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