May 01 2014

For Newcomers

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Top Ten Reasons why you might like Lincoln Park Presbyterian Church:

10. We think for ourselves (and do not accept rigid dogma), we are open hearted and accepting of others and we laugh and have fun.

9. We offer the best fellowship ‘meal’ around, week after week.

8. You can still have a great Sunday as we are within walking distance of: the Legion of Honor, the Lincoln Park golf course, a hike along the Pacific to Land’s End, a fun kid’s playground, and the many fabulous eateries along Clement Street.

7. The dress code is simple: wear clothes. Jeans, hiking boots, and even slippers are just fine by us.

6. The acoustics in our sanctuary are unbelievable – music is always heaven sent and if you want to yell out an ‘Amen!’ during the service you’ll never have sounded so good.

5. We are a diverse community: culturally, generationally, and theologically (some of us are very traditional, some of us are quite progressive … and we like each other regardless of whether we agree on everything). Plan to adopt some new friends of all ages and backgrounds.

4. You’re likely to walk out of church with a healthy, vibrant glow on your face … without the expense of a facial, the pain of a sunburn, or the effort of getting a makeover.

3. It might be helpful to be in a good relationship with Someone who can turn water into wine, resurrect dead people, and calm the storms in your life.

2. Sitting in our peaceful, beautiful, history-infused sanctuary will help you recharge for the week ahead.

1. You will be invited to learn about the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, reflect on the unconditional love and many blessings extended to you by the living God, and experience the presence and companionship of the Holy Spirit.

Take the next step. Join us on Sunday and experience our joy-filled, loving welcome. (And if you really don’t want that much attention, we’ll try not to gush all over you).

We are at the corner of Clement and 31st Avenue; our sanctuary is up the stairs on the second floor as you walk in the door.

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