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Thank you for considering Lincoln Park Presbyterian Church for your wedding day! This page will give you some basic information to help you start planning.

The sanctuary will seat approximately 200 persons; our reception hall will seat approximately 115. Many more guests can be accommodated for a less formal reception.

Weddings are an extension of the ministry and pastoral care of the church. They provide a worship occasion in which the bride and groom offer their vows before God, their family, and friends. For those seeking to be married by Pastor Tim, a series of premarital conversations will be scheduled. This not only helps the couple consider how they might handle life challenges, but also allows Pastor Lisa to offer a more personal and meaningful wedding service.

Contact the Church Office Manager, Tad Hopp to schedule a tour, meet the pastor and staff, and reserve the facilities. Your wedding dates need to be secured with a deposit of $300 payable to Lincoln Park Presbyterian Church.

A guest pastor may officiate at your wedding, providing that the pastor meet with Pastor Tim to review the marriage liturgy and discuss any needed preparations.

When the ceremony is completed and the marriage certificates have been signed, the Church will arrange to have the certificates photocopied and mailed to the County Clerk.

The couple must provide the Church with the name address and phone number of the person who will be providing food and beverages and is responsible for the reception. A wedding coordinator from the church will want to discuss needs and planning matters with your caterer.

Costs related to the wedding need to be discussed with the Office Manager. Total suggested donation is $1400.00. This includes the pastor’s honorarium, organist’s honorarium, wedding coordinator and use of the sanctuary. An additional fee for use of the reception hall and kitchen is $400.00. A deposit of $300.00, payable to the church, is due at time of booking to confirm the wedding date; the remaining balance is due at the time of the wedding rehearsal.

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